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The Energizer Power & Play Wireless Charging System for Wii includes an induction charging stand and 2 rechargeable battery packs. Its an officially licensed Energizer product that is eco-friendly and utilizes rechargeable batteries. It features magnetic cradling for optimal remote placement. The easy-to-read indicator lets you know when its charging via the connection by appearing in red light (charging) and green (fully charged). The panel works with all Wii Remote configurations, so whether you play with the MotionPlus or the silicon sleeve its got you covered.Keep those controllers charged and get back in the game with fully licensed Energizer Power & Play Wireless Charging System for the Wii by PDP. Charge system may not be compatible with non-Energizer rechargeable battery packs. Powered by an Energy Star certified A/C Adapter and compatible with Nintendos silicone jacket and Wii MotionPlus.
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PostedNovember 9, 2012
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I picked up the set with two batteries at walmart. I got home and one battery wouldn't charge. I don't have alot of chances to get out the house so I just went "Oh well" I'll get a replacement when I can. So I went online last week thinking Christmas was coming up nad would get games for my wii and we need two working controllers ordered two more batteries.
When they came in the mail 2 days later off Amazon. They were brand new but when I put one in the wii remote it didn't work. No lights no nothing. (even the old one wouldn't charge but it blinked so it knew it was there) I put it into the working remote control so make sure it wasn't the controller. Nope it didn't work in the working controller either. So now what do i do... I'm kind of tired. I was trying to get a BATTERY brand batteries thinking they would last longer and the platform charger would be better for the kids since they couldn't get the last ones charged in the standing one because they always put them in wrong. I hate it since I've spent a good amount of money on this now... Irritated honestly..... I have one charging station, 4 batteries and only 1 working, two out of the packages and one still in the package afraid to take it out. Since I might need to return it.
From:Williamsburg, Va
I've used this product for:6-10 years