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Your favorite devices never stop for a break. So Energizer Recharge Universal AA batteries are the perfect way to power those devices that need frequent charging. From toys, and digital cameras, to handheld GPS devices, wireless gaming systems and MP3 players, Energizer Recharge Universal AA batteries keep your devices going.Energizer Recharge Universal AA batteries give you more charges and hold their charge for up to 1 year**.Enjoy more cycles and quicker charges with reusable power thats also easier on the planet.Its the rechargeable battery thats there for you, wherever your day might take you.** When not in use.
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1 / 5
No, I do not recommend this product.
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Tried to be eco friendly
PostedAugust 20, 2013
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I bought a set of the Recharge and the Power Plus AA's for a trail camera. The recharge, according to my time/date stamp, died after 3 days and 23 pictures. Power Plus and got 6 days and 52 pictures. Recharged them both again thinking maybe they just needed to be drained and fully charged to optimize performance. Nope.The sad part is I threw away the receipt because, well, I bought batteries. Insert batteries, batteries work, end of transaction. Guess I was wrong.
I've used this product for:21-30 years