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    November 11, 2012
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    November 11, 2012
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Describes emergency LED Flashlights and other Battery powered emergency lights. See LED Rechargeable emergency lights and windup hand crank Flashlights that give light in emergency situations.
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PostedNovember 11, 2012
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i bought 2 of these light for $10 each at my local supermarket to keep in my truck for whatever i may need and didnt think much of it until hurricane sandy hit. we lost power for 8 days and those were the only flashlights i had at the ready as we were moving to a new house the weekend of the storm. to my suprise these lights were pretty bright and with both of the pointing straight up in my living room we were actually pretty comfortable with the amount of light they produced. the biggest suprise came whennight after night we put them on in the livin room and they continued to burn as bright as the night before it wasnt until a few days after i realized i hadnt ever changed the batteries. ussually light in this price range are cheap plastic lights that are weak and use big d batteries which are impossible to find during an emergency and last maybe 5 hours . these r still as bright as day one and construction is far superior to any other light ive bought in this price range. buying 5 more incase i need to lend some out because i doubt anyone i know will have a light that lasts this long. great product pleasently suprised!!
I've used this product for:6-10 years