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Dont worry about your iPhonegoing in the red when youre just walking into a concert, when youre getting off the plane or when youre in the middle of a game.The Energizer Instant Charger Made for iPod and iPhone is ready to use and more than doubles the run time of your iPhone. This pocket-sized, powerful instant charger can charge your Apple devices from dead without an outlet. Certified by Apple, the charger is powered by 3 AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries (included). The cap protects the Apple dock connector when youre not charging and easily snaps onto the bottom of the charger when you are.
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Great, but use Lithium batteries
PostedNovember 3, 2012
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I used this during Hurricane Sandy with GREAT results. Using Lithium batteries (that came included) I saw the charge level increase even as I used the phone (iPhone 4) to surf the web, use Facebook, and send texts. With the Lithium batteries I got a full charge and another half charge the next day, but I was constantly using the phone while it charged, like I said. I'm sure I'd have gotten two full charges if I'd just plugged it in and let it sit to charge.
After the Lithium batteries died, I started using regular batteries, still using the phone while charging. Those didn't work nearly as well. It took at least two sets of regular batteries to get a full charge. This is consistent with the package insert, however, which says they should provide slightly less than a full charge, especially accounting for the extra power requirement made by my constant use.
I plan to have this device handy for emergencies with a set of Lithium batteries to get the full benefit of it. As long as you have batteries, you can keep using your phone, which is phenomenal during power outages or while camping. Normal power-brick type chargers are no good after they're depleted since they require a power source to recharge them. This device is the ultimate emergency accessory, since it keeps working.
I'm very happy with this product, and have recommended it to all of my friends and family.
I've used this product for:21-30 years