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Energizer Ultimate Lithium flashlights and lighting products for extreme outdoor conditions. Rugged, durable and waterproof metal
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It is expensive to buy & use
PostedNovember 2, 2012
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I love this flashlight. It is my favorite!
It is super light. Makes it easy to hold for long periods of time when repairing electronic equipment. I have it with me all the time.
However, the only problems I found are as follows...
1) It MUST come with a Belt Holster! Especially at its preminum price tag.
Because of its longer length, it does not fit it most flashlight holster. It took me a long while before I can accross on. It has velcro flap to keep the flashlight into the holster & to protect.
2) Wish it came with AA Lithium Rechargable batteries!
This power-hungry flashlight goes through disposable batteries. Recharables are not recommended. But because I have to replace the lithium batteries every few days because of my use, it becomes an expensive tool to operate.
If only AA Lithium batteries came in a 1.5 volt recharable with a charged, this would make this flashlight next to none!!
Please, Eveready, make AA Lithium 1.5v batteries & add a holster with this flashligh. This would be unbetable!
1) Brightness, whitness & target-patternless lighting.
2) It is super light.
3) It is a very handsome looking tool to own & to use.
From:Fort Nelson, BC, Canada on the Alaska Highway
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